Seoul plans virtual replica of Yeouido for urban challenge simulation

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : June 26, 2024, 17:47 Updated : June 26, 2024, 18:32
This undated photo shows Yeouido Seoul This screenshot image was captured from the website of Visit Seoul run by Seoul Tourism Organization
This undated photo shows Yeouido, Seoul. This screenshot image was taken from the website of Visit Seoul, run by the Seoul Tourism Organization.  Courtesy of Seoul Tourism Organization.
SEOUL, June 26 (AJU PRESS) - Techtree Innovation has partnered with Seoul City to recreate the island of Yeouido on the Han River in a virtual world for simulating various urban problems, the Korean 3D geospatial map developer announced on Wednesday.

Techtree specializes in spatial digital twin technology, which enables high-resolution mapping. This technology allows city officials to develop digital twin infrastructure and conduct simulations for natural disasters like flooding.

"We are currently collaborating with Seoul City on the simulation project for Yeouido. The virtual replica of the island will be unveiled in October," said Simon Moon, Techtree's communications manager, to Aju Press.

The digital twin of a four-square-kilometer-wide area on the island will be created using Techtree's hyper-realistic digital twin technologies such as 3D scanning. The virtual replica will be presented at Smart Life Week, an ICT event to be held at COEX in southern Seoul in October.

The digital twin of the Yeouido district will be utilized for disaster safety, disaster response, and transportation planning.

"Spatial digital twin is a fundamental infrastructure technology used in the public policy sector to address urban challenges," said Techtree CEO Choi Seung-yup. "Through this partnership, we aim to demonstrate our industry-leading high-resolution, high-precision digital twin construction technology."

Seoul plans to extend the application of this technology to other areas of the city. "We will continue expanding the usage of hyper-realistic digital services and strive to create a safer and more pleasant urban environment," said Seoul's digital policy officer Park Jin-young.
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