LG Uplus launches AI model ixi-GEN targeting B2B market

By Kim Dong-young Posted : June 25, 2024, 13:39 Updated : June 25, 2024, 13:39
The sLLM ixi-Gen in test by LG Uplus employees Courtesy of LG Uplus
The sLLM 'ixi-GEN' is tested by LG Uplus employees. Courtesy of LG Uplus
SEOUL, June 25 (AJU PRESS) - Korean telecom company LG Uplus Corp. unveiled its proprietary small large language model (sLLM) ixi-GEN on Tuesday, aiming to expand its presence in the business-to-business (B2B) artificial intelligence market. The AI model, based on LG AI Research's EXAONE, has been trained on LG Uplus' telecom and platform data.

The company plans to initially implement ixi-GEN in eight of its services, including chat agents and mobile store advisors, before the end of the year. LG Uplus highlighted that ixi-GEN can rapidly learn company-specific knowledge, significantly reducing the time required for fine-tuning.

"By increasing use cases for ixi-GEN and ixi Solution, we will enhance our AI capabilities, accelerate AX (AI transformation) innovation, and expedite our expansion into the B2B sector," said Hwang Kyu-byeol, chief data officer at LG Uplus.

LG Uplus also introduced ixi Solution, an AI development platform designed to facilitate AI utilization among its employees. The company said that it would collaborate with global big tech firms and technology specialists to further improve the functionalities of both ixi-GEN and ixi Solution.
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